Pricing & Rules

General Ponds Rules

These Ponds Rules (referred as “General Ponds Rules”) are to ensure the safety and comfort when visiting BarelangFishing Ponds. In order to be able to guarantee all of our visitors a pleasant visit, we ask each visitor friendly to read the General Ponds Rules carefully. Any person who is a guest in one of BarelangFishing Ponds is deemed to have read the General Ponds rules prior to each visit.

  • Anyone who uses BarelangFishing Ponds are agreed with our General Ponds Rules.
  • Register at the front cashier/reception of BarelangFishing Ponds is mandatory. All visitors will get a Fishing-ID after pay Admission Ticket at the front cashier.
  • Visitors must always wear Fishing-ID and will be fine IDR20,000,- for lost Fishing-ID. Visitors must return back Fishing-ID to reception when leaving BarelangFishing Ponds area.
  • Visitor treat the other visitors with respect and not to treat them in any way rude or insulting.
  • Visitor shall use trash-bin around and keep BarelangFishing ponds clean. LITTERING is strictly forbidden.
  • Parents must pay close attention to your children. No lifeguard on duty.
  • BarelangFishing Ponds management is not responsible towards its visitor for damaged or lost, for accidents that occur in and around the area of BarelangFishing, as on the parking lot.
  • Visitor with vehicle must park the vehicle on the parking lot with proper way, locked well, do not leave valuables in plain view. Park with your own risk. BarelangFishing Ponds are not responsible for theft or damage to your vehicle.
  • We reserve the right to correct incorrect information provided on the website BarelangFishing dot Com, leaflets or advertising, both before and after a visit, registration or reservation.

Catch and Release (C&R) Ponds Fishing Rules

  • Visitor must obey the fishing time rules and inform our staff to re-register when needed, there will be a fine for passing the time limit without information. Any group events will have the same pricing rules.
  • First three (3) hour prices IDR350,000.-, for one rod, include 4pcs of hooks.
  • Additional hour/continuing to next one (1) hour prices IDR120,000.- for one rod.
  • All hooked fish must RELEASE-BACK to the ponds.
  • DO NOT LIFT the hooked fish up above too high from water surface. Visitor may call our staff to lift the hooked fish when needed.
  • Visitor pay for causing dead-fishes with prices IDR250,000.- per one Kg.

Family Ponds Fishing Rules

We are closing our Family Ponds at the moments. Please stay tuned to our news.

Rod, Hook & Bait Rules

  • Visitors are welcome to use their own rod with MINIMUM durability for rod and line ABOVE 15KG.
  • Hook will always be cut to keep fish alive.
  • Fork/ Double/ Treble-hook is not allowed to use. Only one hook allowed.
  • We provide rod to rent with prices IDR50,000.- per three (3) hour.
  • Visitors are forbidden to brought in any bait, dead or alive fish, from outside of our ponds. Baits provided by BarelangFishing ponds with prices:
Per 1KG
Per 1KG

Transport Terms Arrangements Rules

We provide transportation arrangements for your needs through BarelangFishing marketing officer reservation. Please read our transport terms carefully:

  • Transport arrangement is ready to START from 7:00am to 7:00pm (max. 12 hours) with pre-defined routes:
    1. START from your first route point (e.g. Ferry’s Terminals/Hotels/etc.), continue to;
    2. BarelangFishing ponds location or AFTER or BEFORE fishing, —suit your needs–you can go to other vacation spot in Batam, shopping center/food center/hotels, (Nagoya/Batam Center/etc.,) please be notice there will be additional cost if you have more complex routes than ours;
    3. RETURN BACK to your first points.
  • Transport Pricing:
SMALL Groups
1 to 6 passengers. This plan suitable for a small groups.
Large Groups
Up to 12 passengers. This plan suitable for a large groups.
MORE Passengers?
We are ready when you need more transport arrangement.

BarelangFishing Marketing Officer Contact Information:

Wisata Pemancingan Ikan Kolam Air Laut

Pancing Mania – Barelang Fishing

Jl. Transbarelang Jembatan IV Pulau Setokok – Batam, Indonesia
SMS: +62812-6186-1201
WhatsApp: Start WhatsApp Conversation
Mobile Phone: +62812-6186-1201

Seafood Restaurant Mely Permata Sari

Jl. Transbarelang Jembatan IV Pulau Setokok – Batam
Mobile Phone: +62822-8330-5458; +62878-9431-6588

Pricing Disclaimer

We do everything we can to ensure the shown prices (fishing ticket, transport, fishes, etc) on our websites are updated and we try to keep our prices in constant. Sometimes prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change prices at any time without further notice.

All pictures shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual items/product may vary due to product enhancement.

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