Pricing & Rules


  • You will have your Fishing-ID after pay your admission tickets to the cashier. You are obligated to always use your Fishing-ID. If you lost the Fishing-ID there will be a fine IDR20K.
  • Pay close attention to your children, we are not responsible if something happens to your family.
  • We are not responsible for your damaged/ lost luggage.
  • Please park your vehicle in the correct ways and make sure it already locked well.
  • Please do not disturb/ annoying the other visitors.
  • Please keep clean our ponds, NO LITTERING is allowed, use trash-bin around.


Fishing Ponds

 Catch & Release PondsFamily Ponds
PricesFirst three (3) hours IDR300K
Per 1 Rod;

Additional to every next one (1) hour IDR100K
Pay Admission Ticket only IDR25K.
FishesAll hooked fish must released back to the ponds.All hooked fish must paid, with prices:
Please DO NOT LIFT the hooked fish above too high from water surfaces.
Do not hesitate to call our staff to help you lift the hooked fish.
Coral Trout Grouper: IDR300K per Kg.
Penalty Prices for causing dead-fishes IDR250K per Kg.Groupers: IDR150K per Kg.
Red Snapper: IDR150K per Kg.
White Snapper & Pomfret: IDR125K per Kg.
Other Fish: IDR75K per Kg.
Giant Grouper and ANY Fish ABOVE 5 KG is not for sale.
  • Catch and Release Ponds visitors, please be notice about the time rules. Please make us informed and re-register when needed, there will be a fine for passing the time limit without information. Any group events will have the same pricing rules.
  • Family Ponds visitors, you are allowed to take away your paid-fish at home or you can try your flavor to spend a few more fee to enjoy your hooked fish at our sea-food restaurant. Just let us know your cooked fish-flavor to serve.


Rod & Bait

We are welcome you to use your own rod or bring your own bait with pre-condition:

  • The MINIMUM durability for rod and line must above 15KG.
  • Hook will be cut to keep fish alive.
  • Fork/ Double/ Treble-hook is not allow to use. We allow you to use only one hook.
  • All of kinds of dead-or-alive fish is allowed for bait, EXCEPT: cuttlefish, meats, bloods and liver.

We provide rod to rents, baits and hooks for sale as follow:

IDR50K per 3 Hour.IDR20K per 1 Kg.



 Small GroupLarge Group  
Capacity6 Passenger12 Passenger

We provide transportation arrangements for your needs thru our marketing officers reservation. Please read our transport terms carefuly.

Our transport is ready to START from 7:00am to 7:00pm (max. 12 hours) with pre-defined routes:

  1. Start from your first route point (e.g. Ferry’s Terminals/Hotels/etc.) continue to;
  2. Our ponds locations or AFTER or BEFORE fishing, –up to you–you can go to other vacation spot in Batam, shopping center/food center/hotels, (Nagoya/Batam Center/etc.,) please be notice there will be additional cost if you have more complex routes than ours;
  3. RETURN BACK to your first points.

If you have read our transport terms, any-when you are ready, make a contact to our marketing officer:

(If you open this web thru a mobile phone, the SMS/Phone/WhatsApp links will easily direct you to its app)

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Do not hesitate to contact us and don’t miss your chances, see you at our ponds 🙂

Pricing Disclaimer

We do everything we can to ensure the shown prices on our websites are correct and we try to keep our prices constant. Sometimes prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change prices at any time without further notice.