Guest Visit – Salt Bay Team

Still wondering what’s all the hype about Barelang Fishing Pond? A few good lads from Salt Bay dropped by recently to check it out, and it did not disappoint.

Salt Bay Team have been working tirelessly to publish their video so that all you good folks can catch a glimpse of the pond as well as their Solunar rods in action! Enjoy, and have a great weekend ahead!

Barelang Pond, Batam Jul 15
Best viewed in 1080p (HD)
Nicolaas Hai Ying (Salt Bay Solunar)
Toh Kiat (Salt Bay Solunar)
Glenn Thum (Salt Bay Solunar PE1.5 Baitcast Prototype)
Shermann Jiajunn (Salt Bay Custom Jigging PE2)
Lim Fang Jie Sean (Salt Bay Solunar)
Joseph Lim (Salt Bay Solunar)
Ang Kai Wen (Salt Bay Casting Prototype)
Jeremy Ang Yi Cheng (Salt Bay Custom Jigging PE3)
Nathaniel Onateo (Salt Bay Solunar)
Video filmed by Kiat on a Pentax K-01 and edited with Sony Vegas Pro 13
Soundtrack: The Weeknd – Devil May Cry (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Edit)

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