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The only one Largest Saltwater Fishing Ponds in Batam

That’s why we always open ready for 24/7 to welcome your visit. You are welcome to visit us anytime by coming directly or made a reservation, suit you need, no hassle.

You can find us at Setokok Island – Batam, just nearby of the main road of Transbarelang, before the 4th of Barelang Bridges, keep your eyes on a signboard at the entrances:

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Pancing Mania – Barelang Fishing

We have a total of 4 units Catch and Release (C&R) fish pond, with 8 to 10 meters depth. It has around 300 to 600 of fishes variety. Whilst you are there, it would be a good idea to maximize your luck of landing a giant by trying out all four fish pond at least once. For targeting specific fishes, grab a hand our friendly staff for ghillie to point you to the right pond. There is one unit Family fish-pond is available, with a depth of 6 meters, suitable for a fun time with your family, especially the little ones!

We have spacious parking, seafood restaurant with 22 units of cottages (no additional fee for using our cottages). When you have a special events for family or groups, we have a multi-functional stage to use, rod to rent, hotels and also transportations reservation to accomodate your needs.



TheMilkFishLady dot com

The Fishing battle of Barelang Bridge, Batam

“..The PT Kam pond was a very different experience for us, it was highly addictive, tipping the scale of fun and at the same time, a certain calm and serenity was surrounding us. The sea winds were strong and provided comfort and relief to our tired bodies, refreshing us in time to fight the next fish. It felt like a much needed action-packed angling holiday, if I may say so myself. We found ourselves occasionally smiling and laughing (as though we have lost our minds) at the level of satisfaction this trip was giving us, discovering the PT Kam pond was truly the icing on the cake..”

Follow more of their adventure and the complete guides to our ponds at here:

TheMilkFishLady dot com


Salt Bay Team

Still wondering what’s all the hype about Barelang Fishing Pond? A few good lads from Salt Bay dropped by recently to check it out, and it did not disappoint.

Salt Bay Team have been working tirelessly to publish their video so that all you good folks can catch a glimpse of the pond as well as their Solunar rods in action! Enjoy, and have a great weekend ahead!